United States Armed Forces’ successes – based of national elements

The U.S. Armed Forces is recognized as the world’s strongest, most powerful and very wealthy and strong power.

I will make a parallel over the United States’ military successes, based on some countries’ elements over the United States’ military mights.

The German elements


The Germans are known for steel command, strict laws while its military is trained in hard battlefield, ready in order. This is the power to keep the German military strong. This was the reason why in both two WWs, despite being the losers in the end, the Germans could make entire of Europe and even the world to be scared over the might of German Army.

Its science is also counted for strong developments. Within few years, it can also manage and build so many tanks, missiles, especially V1 and V2. It is worth to mention over.

The Polish elements


The Poles are famous for their bravery. Being surrounded by Germany and Russia, and mostly fought against Russia more than Germany, Poles are noted for struggle of freedom. While most of conflicts over Germany is noted for their struggle only in minimal scale until the partitions of Poland, conflict with Russia was huge and more.

The best thing I know about Poles was their intelligence. Their intelligence operation over and over again was unquestioned. It was them who broke the German code Enigma, and there were so many great tactics masters from Poland, Zbigniew Brzezinski, to Thaddeus Kosciuszko.

The Turkish elements

Şehit Piyade Kurmay Yarbay İlker Çelikcan operasyonu

The Turks are noted for being nomads but fearless in the battlefield. While they might not have good martial rule in their military, their spirits are unquestioned.

The Turks are the only who, when they are asked to fight, willing to fight for their natives and their country. Not many people know how the Russians were unable to get to Turkish soil, or how the West had to use the Arab Revolt to defeat the Turks. Turks are totally fierce if you want to fight.

And they are worth to do.

The Vietnamese elements


Due to long hard history fighting China, Khmer Empire, Champa and later, the Siamese/Thailand, Vietnam is included for its resilient. Its power to fight China reminds to how the Poles fought Russia.

Unknown for most of Americans, for their experience in Vietnam, they had soon understood what they need to do. The Vietnamese, based on their war past, had been very resilient and very famous for its military past against China and also, a series of clashes with other Southeast Asian powers. This gives Vietnamese a lot of experiences in war.

The British elements


I would say the British elements can be counted because America is descended from the Britons, although… just only 13 colonies. Only 13 colonies, but played important role for modern shape of the U.S.

The Navy, Air Force of Britain had been a model role. While its Army isn’t the best in the world, they had a strong air force and naval force that was able for them to dominate in the war and frontier trades.

Without it, Britain would remain isolate in their only island along with the Irish, Scots and Welsh.

I think the United States Armed Forces is a loose combination of all these things. But, of course, that’s my opinions only. Feel free if you have any different views.


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