Will Vietnam’s Communist regime accept reality rather than distortion?

When I read “Poland – history of bravery“, I quickly remember to a famous Polish marching song, “My Pierwsza Brygada” – We are the First Brigade.

It has truly affected on my memoir over the bravery of Polish people, and this also goes with the hard history of Polish people on their conflict with so many powers, notably, the Germans and the Russians – but the most cruel one was the Russians towards Poles. No matter what, from Imperial rule, to USSR Communist, many Poles had been killed and murdered by the Russians and the Polish communist force. Yet, the Poles still stand and when the communist rule collapsed at 1990, Poland has re-established their independence as Third Polish Republic – today’s Polish Republic.

Since then, to change everything bad in the past, the post-communist Governments, respectively in Poland, has started a massive rebuild of memorial dedicated for freedom of people against crimes caused by both communists and Nazis. Thus, this gives Poland a stronger, tougher to be realistic over the denial from Russia, as Germany, itself, has no longer denied and also willing to support Poland.

Poland has no longer lived under communist shadow, thus, the freedom they get has exact positive influence. It totally changes this country…

Warsaw Uprising Museum, where many Nazi and Communist’s crimes can be found

It has changed Poland… so far…

However, like I have said before, the VCP (Vietnam’s Communist Party), the only sole party in the country, as other parties are outlawed by communist Government, seems not willing to change their history in the right meaning. I will talk short, if you like to:

  1. The VCP has been very afraid of losing power so far, because they fail to prove their capability on reforming the economy in their own style – or in other side, they have Westernized themselves, but they deny any existence.
  2. They suppress any movements for people’s rights, while keep their crony capitalism and state-control economic subjects and medias.
  3. Due to many Vietnamese today has been aware with the corrupt of the Government, the VCP has no choice but to silent any voices that claiming their corruption.
  4. They need an image to keep their stance, and Ho Chi Minh was used for it.
  5. The VCP distort history by refusing some historical accurate facts, while tailoring their power.

Into other countries, they also make false claim over a “communist revolution”, and keep posting what will be the best things in favor for Russia, and China. This is what people are looking now on the current system of VCP.

The VCP hasn’t witnessed another Venezuela right now because the Politburo of Communist Vietnam knew the failure of Venezuela for trying to follow the communist legacies. Thus the VCP has zero chance but to keep in silence.

But, like what Yang Chan had said: “Sky knows, God knows, I know, you know, why do you say nobody know?” when he got involved in a bribery, what the VCP are doing, they can’t hide forever. Everything they have done, it has been known. They distort, but there still has people who know the truth. And you can’t deny it.

The VCP, however, doesn’t have enough bravery to make changes. The reason is because they care on their own power. But, like I said, the VCP will not stand forever.

If you wanna kill any dissidents, you can kill. But, then another will come and challenge VCP’s legitimacy. You kill another, and then suddenly the VCP will face total collapse. Who to blame?

Vietnamese Communist Party – you should begin to face the reality, rather than keep distorting. The Polish lesson is still clear, and if you can’t accept, then the day you get removed, is close…


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