Why is Vietnam’s Communist Party so worried over Polish mentality?

It’s not uncommon for many Vietnamese overseas to talk about the regime change, and that is what the VCP (Vietnamese Communist Party) has prepared to crackdown any attempts that trying to remove them from power and consolidating their rule into a more democratic and significant booming change. However, in all of these attempts that could have threatened the VCP, not many people know the fact, the VCP, actually, is so worried, not by from the democratic groups-based in the United States, Canada or France.

Actually, it is the Polish mentality, is the biggest threat for VCP’s totalitarian and un-democratic rule. But of course, what is Polish mentality, I’ll explain, a bit.

The democratic movement of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

In the past chapter, when Poland was an European power, together with Britain, Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Austria and France, it was Poland who started the movement that encouraged the rights of people. At 18th century, the last King of the Commonwealth, Stanislaw Poniatowski, or Stanislaw II, embraced the freedom of people and the rights of everyone to live together. Especially, they later adopted the 1791 Constitution, the second oldest one, after the United States Constitution.

During the last days of the Commonwealth, the Polish nation had become very important because its constitution paved the way for the people to know what would be the human rights, the beliefs, the faiths while still go on the right place, right hand and right paths.

Stanislaw II Augustus, last King of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwalth

Hence, despite the Polish nation went disappeared for nearly 100 years, the Polish mentality, dated from the rule of Stanislaw II, became a significant symbol of what would be today’s people rights.

How did it thrive and survive?

Because of its tolerance and its acceptance of people’s rights, it soon became a threat for the rule of some powers, such as Austria, Prussia/Germany, but most importantly was Russia.

Russia had called for Austria and Prussia to join partition of Poland together, in order to prevent the chance to change. They did know once Poland succeeded, it would overthrow their powers. Thus, Poland had been partitioned. And for 100 years, the Russians treated them worse than most of others, comparing to the Prussians and the Austrians. Russia’s attempt was no more but to eliminate the Polish traces, and the ideal of people’s rights was one of Russia’s target. In the same reason, the Prussians and the Austrians did the same, though the level wasn’t horrible comparing to the Russian one. The Poles revolted, and got crushed, but they never lost spirits.

And Poland, then, again, got independence. At 1918, on the collapse of Russian Empire, the Polish Republic was born. However it was marred by wars and hostiles from both the Germans and Russians. The Nazis and Soviets together invaded Poland again, and both, this time, wanted to eradicate Poland.

And then communist rule after 1945. Poland went to Russia’s hand after WWII, and the Poles had to suffer the Russian rule, indirectly. Russia followed the same path like its Imperial predecessor: eliminate anything that belong to Polish mentality and democratic movements. But the Solidarity movement came. The Polish Communist Government suppressed the movement at 1980, but thanked for gladnost and petroika later, the Solidarity re-emerged, and quickly collapsed the communist rule in Poland.

What are its impacts?

The Solidarity movement in Poland, known as Solidarnosc, which had effectively ended the Communist rule in Poland and paved way for Poland to become one of Europe’s diamond

Its impacts are huge and important that shaped many countries. Some tasted it very clear – are those Nordic ones. And then Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Greece. It even went to Japan, Canada, South Africa, the United States, Australia, Ghana, Uruguay and Chile. It spread to the world, not by weapons, but by humanity.

Because it encourages the acceptance of human rights, strong Governance, intelligent leaders and people, economic stuns with the freedom of speech, the Polish mentality soon quickly dominated in many parts of the world. No need guns, but love won all. It has brought prosperity, successes, talents and the developments, while the people, with different opinions, unite under one banner. That explains why many former Communist countries prospers, while other continues to grow. And it gives power to all.

it encourages the acceptance of human rights, strong Governance, intelligent leaders and people, economic stuns with the freedom of speech, the Polish mentality soon quickly dominated in many parts of the world. No need guns, but love won all. It has brought prosperity, successes, talents and the developments, while the people, with different opinions, unite under one banner

Turning out, its impacts are huge. It is not what the Americans are bringing – by bombs and invasions; or how Chinese are doing – invest to exploit and steal; but it is what Poland had brought. It is not from a country, it is a global expression. And this is how Polish mentality, explained.

What is waiting the Communist Party of Vietnam?

A propaganda of VCP, which is common in Vietnam, one of 4 last communist countries in the world

For the Party, they have already witnessed how communist totalitarian regimes in Eastern Europe collapsed, especially Poland, where the Solidarity movement took part in. The Party understood that, the only way to keep their power, is to continue its dictatorship track and suppress any attempts that related to another Solidarity civil union, while maintaining controls in press, medias, and spread more lies as possible. By changing into a Red Capitalism, Vietnam is no longer a closed country, but its development is decided what ever the VCP wants or not. On the other side, they owned 51%, others got 49%. Trying to break from it would result to the situation which the VCP is unable to control.

For this, it is impossible for Vietnam to become an economic boom if the Party still in power. Of course today Vietnam is better, but because it is still in some heavy restriction, the VCP shows that they are not willing to lose their chair. Despite they often embrace lies that a “democratic multi-party government would let them go to Iraq and Afghanistan’s path”, it is obviously just an idiom to maintain their power, as they know Vietnam is, and never gonna become Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan even if the VCP no longer exist.

In the current climate, the people of Vietnam should need to get a clear clarify that the VCP is incapable to develop the country, because the Party only wants power themselves. I often hear “Đảng, Nhà nước và Nhân Dân” (Party, Government and the people) – and it is clear, the VCP puts its party first, and the people is just its servants, or, maybe, a tool.

Nobody wants Vietnam to become another Syria. And Vietnamese know that. But, as long as the VCP still keeps a strong fear over, it is uncertain when Vietnam can change. And another side, the Polish mentality, will remain, a nightmare for the VCP and its Politburo.


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