What should every Vietnamese need to know about Poland?

As a private learner, you should have to spend times to read about this Eastern European countries, of course, I am not forcing but I want to debate it, in real. Sadly, in Vietnam, there are a huge lack of caring on other countries from there, mostly because of their blind supports for Russia.

However, Poland is a very special country that you should have to spend more times to talk and remember. It is quite more familiar to Vietnam in every aspects, considering its hard history. People often debate that Korea is familiar to Poland, but actually Poland was not divided to two like Korea.

So, what should Vietnamese need to know on Poland?



  1. Poland is an Eastern European country. Its history might be dated back at 5th century, when a group of proto-Slavic people emigrated to the region which would become today’s Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Slovakia and Poland. They were known as a Sarmatic tribe called the Poles. The Poles were the largest, strongest tribe in the region.
  2. Poland was the only European country that in most of its history, it tolerated the Jews during the series of anti-Semitism across Europe.
  3. It had produced many great rulers in their own history, such as Casimir the Great who spread the rights of human beings in Europe; Stephen Bathory, a great King of Poland who secured peace and defeated Russian invasions; or notably John Sobieski, the King who totally defeated the Ottomans at Vienna 1683.
  4. The Poles had a strong and influential position. In the United States, several Poles like Casimir Pulaski, Thaddeus Kosciuszko were heroes of American independence from Britain; Zbigniew Brzezinski, an American strategist during the Cold War. There also had Henryk Sienkiewicz, a notable Polish writer with Quo Vadis; Marie Curie, Polish scientist who discovered radium.
  5. It crossed many hard historical pasts. It has been invaded by the Russians, and mostly occupied by Russians for nearly 200 years (others were Prussians and Austrians). Then it was invaded by the Germans and Soviets, and divided together. Poland also went to communist rule from 1945-89. It still survived.



  1. It is part of Eastern Europe culture, but part of West Slavic culture. Poles are of West Slavic origins, thus this gives them closer to the Czechs, Slovaks, and the Germans, Swedes, Lithuanians and Danes. It also has elements of Russian culture as we can see from their dressing customs and dances.
  2. The existence of its minority Turkic Tatars, known as the Lipka, contributed significant change of Polish society. They have integrated into Polish society very well. Henryk Sienkiewicz, the most notable Polish writer, was of Tatar origin.
  3. You should enjoy Polish Oscypek and Bagels, some notable Polish foods based on its bread. Bread plays a significant part for Polish and Slavic cuisines.
  4. Traditionally, Poland is a homogenous country due to historical factors. But Poles are known for its tolerance, thus this is easy to get yourself into Poland and you will face less discrimination comparing to other European countries.



  1. Its football team has been one of Europe’s most successful teams. Despite never won many trophies, nonetheless they did win gold medal in the Olympics.
  2. Poles are quite very good at sporting activities. The Polish Sport Committee is set to build their sport team into global image.
  3. Some notable Polish sportspeople: Robert Lewandowski, Robert Kubica, Grzegorz Lato…


new_polishThe education system of Poland is based on a typical European system. Its education program has been one of the best-known in Europe. It has played a role on modernizing the educational system of Poland and Europe together.

Let’s say that, maybe France, Britain is where you can achieve higher future, but Poland is a place you should not miss entire of your educational life.

Vietnamese community in Poland


There is a group of Vietnamese in Poland, forming one of largest non-European immigrant groups. The Vietnamese in Poland is estimated to be over 60.000, which makes Vietnamese the most prominent Asian people in Poland.

Unlike most of Vietnamese now in other parts of the world which mostly has strong hostiles against current communist government ruling Vietnam, Vietnamese in Poland don’t hold grudge, mainly because they’re not interested on politics, and some of them have ties with the Hanoi’s regime. Some of them have been Polonized, and feel themselves, Polish.

In an extent, Vietnamese in Poland is important for Vietnam.

If any Vietnamese want to know something on this Eastern European country, then I can suggest you to go yourself and discover. It is more imaginable than you have seen.


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